Riccardo Grassi


“I’ve always had a very special relationship with fashion so designing my own collection felt like a
natural progression for me. When I look through my wardrobe I am constantly reminded of people I
love or memories I cherish. I think that is what is so incredible about clothing – it is so personal, and the
Olivia Palermo Collection reflects that.” – Olivia Palermo

The Olivia Palermo Collection is ready-to-wear that is as eclectic as it is polished, intended to be styled as an expression of individuality.

The focus on quality, construction, and fit is paramount to the Olivia Palermo Collection. Attention to detail is seen through the choice of fabrics and finishes as well as the quality craftmanship of each piece. The collection is comprised of chic, understated, timeless pieces that can be easily incorporated into one’s wardrobe.