Riccardo Grassi


Elegant, tailored. In addition to being provocative. Cool, sexy. Blinding. To die for.

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Night – when you let yourself go. Night – whether elegant or sauvage. A time to meet interesting people.
And become what you really are. Or whatever you’d like to be.
NERVI is a Made-in-Italy project that’s 100% dusk-till-dawn. A prêt-à-porter collection with sartorial details –
where hand-made quality shimmers in the flashing light of a disco ball. And fabrics sparkle to the notes of a
DJ set till dawn. Nervi is fun and classic, femininity and coolness. NERVI is freedom and glamour. For jetsetters
and rock’n’rollers.
The collection comprises 31 looks in all, split among four themes: cocktail, gala, party and afterparty. Four
stunning styles created for magic moments after the sun goes down. Like the décontracté brio of a cocktail
in the pool. The head-spinning thrill of the red carpet. A party’s welcoming allure. Disheveled euphoria in
the aftermath.
Trés feminine. With verve that’s dry and cutting. Precision-built with tailor-made knowhow, as light and
sublime as the ancient Greek peplos. Draped and loose: NERVI’s hallmark slant cut is a connoisseur’s
touch that creates timeless beauty on the spot, natural sensuality. Fabric laid out on a woman’s body,
highlighting its shapes.
NERVI is music. A symphony to dance to. House. Rock. Classical. The beat of a bass drum, a snare, a
guitar solo. A brand for the dance floor, the stage and backstage. Music, like fashion, amplifies your
NERVI is fun, too.
Because the night is to be played with.
From dusk till dawn.

  • 1 Jan
    1 Jan
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