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Francesco Paolo Salerno

Francesco Paolo Salerno was born in 1979, in Apulia, Italy. Since the first years of his formation he refines the taste for the high artistic culture value and the respect for the heritage manufacturing of the territory. Once transferred to Rome, he graduetes in political sciences. Collaborates with the European Institute of Design and starts to work as Junior Designer for the most important fashion houses.

Italian by birth but, American for vocation, open his first atelier in 2011 and starts a significant experience in Los Angeles, where his style is particularly appreciated by the international stars, for the cocktail events and the red carpet, with the culmination on the Oscar edition in 2018.

The Francesco Paolo Salerno’s brand perfectly combines the romanticism and the sex-appeal, the power and the vulnerability, the rock and the classic. A mix of the infinite contamination destined to reproduce the images of a polyhedral personality.

The Designer’s work is translated in a general upgrade of the sartorial imprinting, fundamental for his creation that use in a contemporary way, easy wearable, creates the dialogue between the past and the present.


  • 9 Jan
    8 Feb
    Via Piranesi 4, 20137 Milano
  • 18 Jan
    23 Jan
    9, Avenue Hoche 75008 Paris
  • Francesco Paolo Salerno
  • Francesco Paolo Salerno