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"A road trip into a surrealistic lifestyle surrounded by never ending colours"

Dawni is a new line of shoes launched by Carola Bernard, a young, eclectic fashion insider with a decade of experience working in the industry. An untiring globetrotter who constantly shuttles between Los Angeles, Milan and London.

Part Italian, part French, Bernard hails from a coastal city in southern Italy whose lifestyle, warm weather, and sense of color influenced her character and quirky fashion style, relaxed yet ever-evolving and experimental.

From its second season, Dawni uses sustainable materials. Never using leather, skin, fur or feathers. At the heart of this ethical decision Dawni reenforces it is possible to create beautiful, luxurious products that are better for animals, people and the environment. Safeguarding the legacy of the brand. Further motivating the consciousness of consumers with a genuine and sustainable identity of its product lines. The collection includes one boot and one sneaker in multiple variation. A theme inspired by California, all with a completely different vibe and flair that can be mixed-and-matched.

Californian attitude and Italian virtuosity the collection is designed under the Golden state sky and crafted in the Marche region of Italy. Renowned all over the world for its longstanding tradition in the art of shoemaking.
Cactuses will guide this life time journey into the California vibe within patterns and shapes, carrying extraordinary fun and wild spirit.
DAWNI shoes ensemble all the Californian dreaming gems under the brightest moonlight. 
For the more artsy types, tie-dye and gradient finishes provide the ultimate quirky touch.
Elevating the versatile side, styles comes with interchangeable accessories. Small metal moon evocative of a new day give a touch of female energy, in a distinctive positioned on the back of the