Riccardo Grassi



After years in the industry and a series of experiences in the fashion environment,Alessandro Vigilante debuted with the fall-winter 21/22 collection for its omonimous brand. Alessandro Vigilante’s aesthetic and philosophy are reflected consistently in his eponymous collection ATTO I – TALKING BODY. The human body at the center of the scene; it is constant movement, eroticism, expression, feelings; motion is its language. The essential nature of a dress, wrapping a body: the dress meant as a second skin. The conscious sensation to unveil the body playing with the fabrics, removing and ripping layers, exposing the skin, framing backs and necklines.
His influence and passion for contemporary dance is revealed; Pina Bausch and Merce Cunningham dialogue coherently in the collection, as two opposite characters: Pina and her oversized sartorial looks versus the Cunningham’ essentials, covering arms, hands, fingers.
Dance as seen through the eyes of Pina, expressing human flaws as exaltation of the personality.
Dance as seen through the eyes of Cunnigham, precise, formally and technically perfect.

Clean, linear, yet hyper feminine and dynamic, silhouettes recur in the collection. A sensuous rigor is the leitmotiv. The masculine tailoring finds its climax in a severe oversized jacket, which unveils the back, presented with vegan latex leggings or bike shorts. Tights melts with the boots, to display a minimal sensuality. Clothes, meant as an expression of the body, harmonically mix different textures and fabrics, vegan latex and patent leather are matched with soft wools or flowing silk.

Alessandro Vigilante’s commitment is traslated also in the attention towards the production of its clothes, all of them made in Italy and realized with sustainable techniques, often in a very surprising way if considered the materials used. Latex, for example, characterizes almost the entire collection, but is ecologically made from natural rubber.

  • 23 Feb
    12 Mar
    Via Piranesi 4, Milano