Riccardo Grassi


Vìen lays down the bases for a new wardrobe.
It opens up the debate on the frenetic succession of collections. A new way of conceiving and developing one’s own fashion project. Detail and construction like in any contemporary atelier: outerwear regains the leading role with bold jackets, wide overcoats and a classic trench. Shirts. Trousers. The suit as a uniform. A way of thinking, a mindful sense of femininity and a sensuality not coming from the body but from an attitude.
A schizophrenic idea of male and female, mixing genres and items. Individual character becomes a key prerequisite of style. Oversize volumes impeccably constructed play on fabrics’ weights, reinterpreted through cuts processed for new dynamism. A retro feeling suddenly becoming avantgarde. The new underground is impeccable as a timeless dress in a totally different context.

Music as a harbinger of creativity, influencing style.
The tendency to mix up and lter everything, from Punk to Hip Hop. Fashion and musical movements as the fuse to spark revolutions. Music and fashion as weapons of mass revolution. A childhood spent listening to The Smiths over and over. Thumbing through scrapbooks full of pop icons. Grunge, Punk, Electronic, Hip Hop, British Invasion and the Mods. The importance of getting to know the roots, the cultures and the fashions. Northern Soul, Jazz, Blues, Roots, Reggae and the Ethnic Scene.
The revolutionary style of ‘A Tribe Called Quest’ and the eclecticism of Ray Petri and Buffalo. Club Culture from the Gabbers to the Ravers.

“What you wear, the music you listen to and your artistic tastes express who you are”.

  • 12 Jan
    7 Feb
    Via Piranesi 4 - 20137 Milano
  • Vìen