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Tigran Avetisyan

Tigran Avetisyan is a moscow-based designer with a background in Product design. After graduating from Central Saint Martins he was given a LVMH grant to produce his graduate collection. His work is heavily conceptual and explores the nature of fashion garments as marketed commodities. As a result his work is self-reflexive and not without humour, commenting on the ever accelerating speed and greed of the fashion industry. He treats clothing as a product and uses marketing languages to create subversive and thought-provoking collections.

“Each time I start working on something new I challenge myself, and that is the most important part of the process for me – to challenge my pre-conceived ideas and put everything to question. That’s what really pushes me forward. To come up with new ideas is meaningful for me personally. In that sense, the main meaning of my work is to please myself. Naturally, I appreciate it very much when other people are interested in my ideas, but I do not necessarily set an agenda of protesting against anything.”

  • 12 Jan
    7 Feb
    Via Piranesi 4 - 20137 Milano
  • Tigran Avetisyan
  • Tigran Avetisyan
  • Tigran Avetisyan