Riccardo Grassi


MATIĒRES PARIS is a new project by Clament Taverniti in 2016

After gruaduating from the internationally acclaimed ESMOD school of fashion in Paris, Clement has worked with luxury brands Dries Van Noten, Kitsune and launched the successful label Still Good. The well received and highly praised Still Good project was a street/smart casual brand for young sophisticated men.

MATIĒRES reinforces Clement’s evolving outlook, driving his vision forward into a revitalized project and new label. While working to prepare the collection, Clemént traveled intensively and sourced rare, innovative and exclusive fabrics in order to create the most sophisticated product he ever made.

With a razor sharp focus on composition, the line is compromised of globally sourced traditional and rare ancestral fabrics, alla matched to imaginative detailed design and refned quality production.

“It’s all about this contrast and mixture of exclusive, traditional, innovative and technical fabrics in order to create a sophisticated and luxurous sportswear approach on menswear”.

This well considered, researched and balanced design philosophy has defned an exciting visual language for the MATIĒRES collection. Each pieces character and individuality is a clear interpretation of the designer’s personality, progression, taste and his passion for sport garments.

The collection breathes luxurious new rebellion into modern style. His fascination for the complicated construction of any kind of sport garment makes him act more like a clothing architect than a classic fashion designer and therefore, he clearly develops an intelectual approach on fashion. Breaking new ground and delivering style unlike any other Parisian menswear brand.

The heavily refined yet experimental approach provides a new energy, the collection has been developed with an obsessive attention to detail in execution and craftmanship.

Clement’s deep fascination for quality textiles, his Parisian fashion insight and forward thinking approach to design has created MATIĒRES PARIS. Recently Clemént has been nominated for the Woolmark Prize.

MATIĒRES PARIS adds something original and unrivalled to the modern gentleman’s wardrobe for FW 2017.